Analyze your business

Track the performance of your teams and the satisfaction of your buyers with the Happywait solution.

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Track the activity of your customers and employees

Monitor platform connection rates and analyze your teams' performance.

Refine your statistics with a global view or by property program.

Analyze your key business indicators

Consult your sales in real time, with details of your completed and pending sales.

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Manage your inventory in real time

Streamline your inventory management with real-time notifications at every stage. The solution takes into account the complexity of your business, while offering intuitive handling and maximum ergonomics for your different sales staff. They work together on the same platform, and you can view your inventory in real time.

Measure your buyers' satisfaction

Evaluate the quality of your customer interactions. Using personalized questionnaires, your buyers rate the exchanges with your teams.

At the end of each conversation, your buyers give their opinion. You know immediately how satisfied they are. If necessary, you can adjust your response by clarifying it or issuing a new proposal.

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An expert at your service

To take your business analysis a step further, Happywait has a dedicated person on hand to improve the data available, and to provide you with customized indicators.


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Connected buyers

"24h is the record time it took the Happywait teams to set up the sales module. "

Emanuel PATRIGNANI - General Manager - Groupe PATRIGNANI

They are at the heart of our tool, which is co-constructed with them.



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