Offer a premium customer experience

Build a buyer relationship based on the quality and fluidity of exchanges, with a customer area that reflects your corporate identity.

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Focus on the essentials and improve the buyer experience

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Smoother exchanges

Communicate effectively with your buyers and speed up the buying process.

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Boosted satisfaction

Improve your teams' performance and measure your customers' satisfaction.

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Enhanced brand image

Your white-label customer space becomes a marketing tool that brings your customers together.

Digital contract signing

For each project, one click is all it takes to generate the reservation contract.

File data is integrated directly into your template. No more manual data entry!

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Automatic creation of customer area

Our team takes care of everything, configuring the platform to your specifications and integrating your contract templates and data.

Welcome e-mail

Your buyers log in with their login details and automatically receive a welcome e-mail. All they have to do is discover their news feed!

White-label platform

Enhance your brand image with a fully customizable customer area. Our teams integrate the colors of your visual identity and your logo.

Available on mobile

Give your buyers the comfort of a customer area accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Acquirer reinsurance

Offer your buyers an immersive, collaborative experience that starts as soon as they sign the reservation contract.

Photos and project information

Your buyers can browse the news feed and find out about the progress of the project in real time.

Dedicated messaging

Your buyers contact you automatically via the dedicated messaging system. This centralizes all exchanges.

Centralized documents

All documents relating to the purchase of their property are listed in one place. Your buyers have all the documents they need at their fingertips.

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Complete experience made easy

From the comfort of their sofa, your buyers have access to a panel of functions that enable them to make informed decisions.

Remote material selection

Choosing materials becomes easy for your buyers. They can consult the digital catalog from the comfort of their sofa at any time. You follow the elements online and validate the choices together, either remotely or during an appointment at the showroom.

One-click appointment booking

Thanks to the appointment booking module, your buyers are notified of the slots you make available to them. All they have to do is choose a date and confirm the appointment!

Accelerated release of funds

With automated reminders, your buyers follow the payment schedule and are alerted when funds are called. This speeds up the release of funds.

Customized service panel

Go even further in supporting your buyers by discovering the Meantime by Happywait premium service.

Your own services

Do you offer your own complementary services to enrich your buyers' experience? Integrate them into the Happywait suite.

Premium Service by Meantime

Developed by Happywait, Meantime is a module 100% dedicated to guiding buyers through the process of buying a new property.


Setting up the sales module

30 000

Connected buyers

"24h is the record time it took the Happywait teams to set up the sales module. "

Emanuel PATRIGNANI - General Manager - Groupe PATRIGNANI

They are at the heart of our tool, which is co-constructed with them.



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