Happywait features

Happywait combines all the digital tools and advice you need to help you digitalize your real estate sales.

Offer your buyers a premium experience

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Dedicated messaging

Streamline and centralize exchanges with your buyers and the various people involved in each subject. Messages are stored in a single location.
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Sales documents

Generate reservation contracts instantly and save time by automatically integrating file data into your template.
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Electronic signature

Save time with digital sales. Buyers sign their documents online, and all you have to do is countersign the contract.
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Make an appointment

Simplify your event management. Your buyers are notified of your availability and can choose the ideal time slot from their customer area.
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Choice of materials & TMA

Make your customers' choices easier with a digitized catalog and manage TMA requests. Track and validate items remotely.
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Calls for funds

Set up your calls for funds. Reminders are generated automatically and your buyers can proceed with payment.
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Sending documents by LRE

Notification is made electronically, securely and immediately with AR24. Your buyers authenticate themselves and acknowledge receipt.
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Satisfaction measurement

Fine-tune your customer relations based on feedback from your buyers.At the end of the exchange, they can give their opinion
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Photo gallery and news

Share all useful information with your buyers on the news feed. Post photographs of the construction site, in real time.

Boost your real estate sales with a complete solution

A reliable, customizable platform tailored to your business.