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Digitalize your internal sales processes and simplify stock management.

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A complete solution tailored to your business

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Inventory visibility

Streamline your inventory management with real-time notifications at every stage.

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Unlimited access

Access the platform with unique identifiers adapted to each employee.

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Real-time tracking

Notifications keep you informed of the progress of each sales file.

Visualize inventory and sales stages in real time

The solution takes into account the complexity of your business, while offering intuitive handling and maximum ergonomics for each of your employees. They evolve together on the same platform.

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Speed up your processes and track sales effectively

You're alerted and notified in real time of every stage in your sales pipeline.

Set and adapt user profiles

Simply manage your employees' profile settings to create unique and personalized dedicated accesses. Activate rights and restrictions to adapt the platform to each user.

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2 hours

Time saved per file

" Happywait has been with us for 5 years. Efficient, intuitive software that's easy to learn. Features tailored to buyers' concerns. A real help in managing the customer-developer relationship. We're proud to work with them, and our customers are delighted too."

Anna RAMORA, Quality Control Manager - Promeo

They are at the heart of our tool, which is co-constructed with them.


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Boost your real estate sales with a complete solution

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