Dedicated experts at your service

Rely on Happywait and rely on our expert teams to listen to your needs.

Customized support

Our team takes care of everything. The platform is configured in your colors, integrating your contract templates and data. At any time, your dedicated contact provides you with fast, relevant support.

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Harmonize your digital ecosystem and keep your tools

Talk to our team in charge of managing flows and interconnections between Happywait and your digital environment.

An expert listens to your needs and adapts our solution to your existing digital ecosystem.

Offer your buyers a premium experience

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Work with complete peace of mind

Happywait has its own technical team to guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Our experts intervene both on the platform infrastructure and on the servers.

Our solution is RGPD-compliant and we undertake not to transmit your data to any third-party organization.

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Setting up the sales module

30 000

Connected buyers

" Happywait has been with us for 5 years. Efficient, intuitive software that's easy to learn. Features tailored to buyers' concerns. A real help in managing the customer-developer relationship. We're proud to work with them, and our customers are delighted too."

Anna RAMORA, Quality Control Manager - Promeo

Meantime, the premium support service

Happywait has developed a new module 100% dedicated to helping buyers through the process of buying a new property.

They can visualize important deadlines and actions to be taken to ensure a smooth move-in. They also save money with exclusive, negotiated offers.

Our CSR commitments

With Happywait, you are committed to drastically reducing your paper consumption while improving the quality of working life for your employees.

With this in mind, Happywait has put in place a responsible strategy to enhance all its initiatives to constantly innovate on environmental and social aspects.


Boost your real estate sales with a complete solution

A reliable, customizable platform tailored to your business.