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Interview with Émilie CAILLARD - Customer Manager

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What motivated you to set up the Happywait solution?

Émilie: When I arrived at Kermarrec Promotion, I took over the tool already in place to manage day-to-day customer relations, and today I centralize the distribution of all information to our buyers.

Our primary motivation was to facilitate and streamline exchanges between us and our buyers via a simple, intuitive tool. The Happywait platform meets this need perfectly, with its dedicated, interactive and collaborative space providing storage access to digitized documents, transmission of important information and communication on our news and project progress.

Which feature has helped you the most in your daily life?

Émilie: The module we're exploiting the most today is the tool enabling customers to make their choice of materials online.

This system is essential for us, as 75% of our buyers are investors who, due to lack of time or geographical distance, are forced to make their choices from a distance. I am able to set up our entire catalog in the tool, with all the data and descriptions of our suppliers, determine the choice sheets for each type of apartment and communicate them to our customers.

The vast majority of our customers start their selections from our online choice sheets - although some feel the need to finalize their selection at the showroom.For non-paying selections, we use electronic signatures, facilitating rapid feedback from our customers.This feature has also enabled us to maintain contact with our buyers during containment, and we've been able to move forward on these steps with them - which wouldn't have been possible without a digital solution.


Duration of a VEFA sale with Happywait


Duration of a VEFA sale with Happywait

All in all, Happywait's dedicated customer area is a very practical and time-saving complement to our physical customer service! It has greatly improved and streamlined our exchanges with our customers through optimized access to information, and has enabled us to personalize our customer service, helping to improve our brand image with our buyers.

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