For players in the social housing market

Our solution digitizes your sales and facilitates the management of all your operations, whatever the type of acquisition (BRS/PSLA).

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A complete solution tailored to your business

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Advanced customization

The solution adapts to your needs, with modules that can be activated at any time.

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Adaptability to your business

Digitalize your internal processes for all types of acquisition (BRS/PSLA).

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Reassured buyers

Accompany your buyers from the moment they sign until the option is exercised.

A dedicated solution for all types of acquisitions

Digitalize your internal processes and accelerate your sales for all types of acquisitions. BRS, PSLA Happywait adapts to your business and facilitates the management and monitoring of your files.

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Offer a premium buyer experience

Communicate while you wait for your property to be delivered, and keep in touch with your customers.

Analyze your business

Track the performance of your teams and the satisfaction of your buyers with the Happywait solution.

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Sales process divided by 4

"By adopting the Happywait solution, our sales processes have been optimized and we've divided our processing time by 4."

Sophie SOULIÉ - Sales Administration Manager - GROUPE SGE

They are at the heart of our tool, which is co-constructed with them.



Happywait continues its series of customer testimonials, today highlighting its...



The digitalization of the real estate sector has been in constant evolution for some...


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Happywait continues its series of customer testimonials, today highlighting its...

Boost your real estate sales with a complete solution

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