Digitalize your real estate sales processes

Accelerate your sales and stand out for your efficiency by digitizing the key stages of the VEFA purchase.

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Eliminate time-consuming tasks and boost your teams' performance

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Accelerated sales

Speed up contract signing and reduce your processing time for each sale.

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Accelerated release of funds

Buyers pay their installments more quickly thanks to automatic reminders.

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Simplified monitoring

View your current projects and easily track the satisfaction of your buyers.

ERP & CRM connection

Do you use a CRM, ERP or other information system? Talk to our team in charge of managing flows and interconnections between Happywait and your digital environment.

An expert listens to your needs and adapts our solution to your existing digital ecosystem.

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Digitalize your sales

Set yourself apart from your buyers through your efficiency by digitizing all the key stages.

Contract generation

Generate reservation contracts instantly and save time by automatically integrating file data into your template.

Electronic signature

Save time with digital sales. Buyers sign their documents online, and all you have to do is countersign the contract.

AR24 automatic notification

Notification is made electronically, securely and immediately with AR24. Your buyers authenticate themselves and acknowledge receipt.

Inform and communicate

Increase your buyers' satisfaction by keeping them informed of project progress.

Photos / Timelines

Share all useful information with your buyers on the news feed. Post photographs of the construction site, in real time.

Document areas

The reservation contract is drawn up automatically. You can have the purchasers sign it electronically, in just a few clicks and without printing. All your documents are in one place.


Streamline and centralize exchanges with your purchasers and the various parties involved. Messages are stored in a single location.

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Manage your payments

Ease the burden on your accounting team with a true management center. Your buyers can access a financial timeline and receive payment requests in real time.

Calls for funds

Set up your calls for funds. Automated reminders give you peace of mind, and speed up the release of funds.

Payment of security deposit

Your buyers pay the security deposit online when they reserve their home. You no longer need to contact the notary to check whether the payment has been made, as you can monitor the status of payments directly from your interface. Everything's faster and simpler!

Digitalize home customization

Use the dashboard to manage ongoing requests and control lead times thanks to smoother exchanges with your purchasers.

Modification work for buyers

Your purchasers issue their TMA requests from the customer area, and are notified when you send them the quotation. They validate it by electronic signature, without having to go back and forth.

Choice of materials

Make it easier for your customers to make their choice by creating your own digital catalog, which can be modified at any time. You can track and validate items online, during a showroom appointment or completely remotely.

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Create and manage your events

Simplify appointment scheduling and manage your events from the dashboard. Your buyers receive a notification of your availability and choose the ideal time slot from their customer area.

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Electronic signature and notification

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Connected buyers

"With Happywait, our company is modernizing its processes in an environmentally friendly way, and we're proud to be 0 paper."

Julie CARRASCO - Sales Administration Manager - IDEOM

They are at the heart of our tool, which is co-constructed with them.



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