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Sophie Soulié: "By adopting the Happywait solution, our sales process has been optimised and we have also divided our processing time by four.”

SGE Group

Groupe SGE
SGE Group

The SGE Group – a company specialising in property development, land planning and marketing of commercial units – has been operating in the south-west of France for over 40 years.
A developer who is concerned about the relationship of trust with its buyers in all its business areas, has turned to our solution for managing its sales and customer relationships.
We spoke to Sophie Soulié, Sales Assistant.

How has Happywait met your needs?

Due to the diversity of our commercial activities the time required to process our reservation contracts and sales agreements had become very time-consuming and energy-intensive over time.

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to centralise and modernise all our transactions while respecting our specific features.

The Happywait sales module responds to all our needs for managing our transactions with easy handling and use.
It significantly simplifies our sales processes and sales management for each specific sales contract in all our business areas from electronic signature to legal document.

What is your feedback on the solution?

Sophie: After initial configuration and deployment, we were able to sign all types of reservation contracts and sales agreements for all our activities!
We are really grateful to the Happywait team because we had real moments of discussion and advice with them, and they knew how to adapt the tool to our demands.
We also use it with our external marketers, who have found this solution to be a real sales support tool. The sales module gives them a great deal of independence in managing their sales from reserving a unit before it is put up for sale to signing the reservation contract.

For us, it’s by far the most intuitive and practical solution that we have tried so far!

In what way has going paperless changed your working habits?

Sophie: From the start we have noticed considerable time savings and once we were up to speed I would say that we divided our processing time by four, which is enormous!
Thanks to Happywait’s training and support the tool is used by all our sales reps, sales administrators and external marketers.

We now manage our projects more efficiently and we are more focused on our buyers, with more time to devote to tasks with higher added value in our daily life.

Thank you for your trust and we hope to support you for many years of business with your buyers!