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We digitalised our VEFA sales in 24 hours thanks to Happywait’s mobilisation


The digitalisation of the property sector has been constantly evolving for some years now, but it has largely gained ground during the health crisis.
We met up with the Patrignani group to find out their experience of this transformation from the beginning up until the recent development of the digitalisation of their VEFA sales.

What triggered the implementation of the sales module on Happywait?

Emanuel Patrignani: We are a developer that is close to our customers, since 95% of our customers are owner-occupiers. So we have always favoured face-to-face reservation signing. For some time now we have been considering switching to digital reservations, not to change our habits and the way we welcome customers but to simplify and streamline the internal processing of reservation documents (sales, customer relations, notary). With the health crisis not allowing us to welcome our customers physically to sign, we accelerated this transformation.

How did Happywait meet your needs?

Emanuel Patrignani: We had customers who wanted to make a reservation and so we needed to add the sales module to our Happywait tools quickly.
Happywait was able to listen to us and adapt our documents, in order to implement the sales module in 24 hours. It was an efficient and useful collaboration, and we were able to benefit from the digitalisation of our sales in record time.

How satisfied are you following your request?

Emanuel Patrignani: We have been using Happywait for 4 years and are excited about the evolution of the platform. Today it is widely used internally, and the majority of our customers have adopted it. We have successfully used the material selection module when it was created and now the sales module.
We are delighted with how easy the software is to use and the willingness of the Happywait teams to adapt the platform to our needs.

We are looking forward to future developments…