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Interview with Émilie Caillard - Account Manager

Kermarrec Group

Kermarrec promotion

The Happywait solution was deployed at Kermarrec Promotion 3 years ago.
In their internal organisation, they chose an employee as the platform’s specialist, who consolidates all the data and information to be communicated to buyers.
We went to meet Émilie Caillard, Account Manager to find out how things work on a daily basis.

What was your motivation for implementing the Happywait solution?

When I arrived at Kermarrec Promotion I took over the existing tool which was already in place to manage everyday customer relationships and today I consolidate the circulation of all information to our buyers.

The primary motivation was to facilitate and streamline exchanges between us and our buyers via a simple and intuitive tool. Happywait is the perfect platform for this with its dedicated, interactive and collaborative area allowing storage access to digital documents, transmission of important information and communication on our news and the progress of projects.

How satisfied are you with the tool overall? 

As I use the Happywait solution on a daily basis, it is essential for us to have an efficient tool. Overall, we are very satisfied with the system given the positive feedback from our customers. Even if we have had problems or technical questions on the platform, the assistance is reactive, and our requests have been quickly taken care of and resolved. The teams listen to our suggestions for improvement, and this allows us to have a tool that corresponds to our needs as a whole.

We are looking forward to the release of new features that will help us even more in our day-to-day work – such as the improved appointment scheduling that we will be testing in the near future.

Which feature has helped you the most in your day-to-day work?

The module we use the most today is the tool that allows customers to select their materials online.

This system is essential for us, since 75% of our buyers are investors who, due to lack of time or geographical distance, are forced to make their choices remotely. I am able to configure our entire catalogue in the tool with all the data and descriptions of our suppliers, to determine the selection sheets for each type of apartment and to communicate them to our customers.

The vast majority of our customers make their selections from our online selection sheets – although some feel the need to finalise their selection in the showroom.
For free selections we use electronic signatures, making it easier for our customers to answer quickly.
This feature has also allowed us to keep in touch with our buyers during lockdown and we have been able to move forward on these steps with them – which would not have been possible without a digital solution.

In short, Happywait’s dedicated customer area is a real complement to our physical customer service. It is very practical and a real time saver! It has greatly improved and streamlined our exchanges with our customers through optimised access to information.
It allows us to personalise our customer service, which helps to improve our brand image with our buyers.