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Digitalisation of the sales process, Julie Carrasco from IDEOM testifies



Happywait continues its series of customer testimonials and today highlights its collaboration with the developer IDEOM.

Julie Carrasco, Sales Management, gives us a comprehensive testimonial on using the Happywait solution and its sales module.

Thank you to all the IDEOM teams for their trust, enjoy reading!

Happywait: What are the benefits for IDEOM after implementing the platform?

Julie Carrasco: Following the implementation of the Happywait solution, we have noticed many benefits for IDEOM.

The undeniable time saving in processing files, contract signatures, cooling off period notifications, has gone from 1-2 weeks to 2 or 4 days on our side, and these timeframes can be further reduced if we wish.

In terms of image, our company is moving with the times and modernising its processes in an environmentally-friendly approach with zero paper.

At the moment, we do not have enough experience of customer relations because we haven’t used all of the solution’s features but overall, our customer relationships have improved thanks to a common tool for all the company’s contacts.

It is easier to contact us, response times are reduced, and our customers are reassured to know who their contacts are.

What’s more, IDEOM communicates more easily and regularly with customers throughout their project without having to write newsletters each time.

Happywait: Can you give us your feedback on the implementation and use of the sales module?

Julie Carrasco: The support of the Happywait teams was perfect during the implementation of the sales module.

The teams are very reactive and available for any explanations, to meet our needs as best as possible, and they listen to us to make the solution evolve and adapt it to IDEOM’s processes.

Using the module is simple, intuitive and fun.

Happywait: How has the solution been received by your employees?

Julie Carrasco: IDEOM employees are convinced by the solution after a period of adaptation. They recognise the benefits that Happywait brings to the company: time saving, simplicity and speed of the electronic signature.

Some of our sales staff, being in the 40-50 age bracket, had a little more difficulty in accepting the change due to their working habits.

They are a little worried after the appointments that they won’t be able to hand over documents to the customers.

As far as our programme department is concerned, our employees are convinced and find the Happywait solution “brilliant” but are slow to use all the platform’s features to communicate.

They are still working in the old way: sending paper, newsletters etc…

Happywait: What is the feedback from your customers on this new expertise?

Julie Carrasco: At the moment, we haven’t got much feedback from customers but overall, when signing, they seem to be convinced. Especially the “new generations” who are much more familiar with new technologies and who are much less “paper”.

Another group of customers who don’t have an e-mail address or a mobile phone number have been less convinced by this new process.

The notaries we work with have also welcomed the Happywait solution, but some are slow to use it fully.