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Happywait and co-operative developer: a testimonial by Yvan Cormier

COOP de construction

Coop de Construction

Happywait continues its series of customer testimonials and today highlights its collaboration with the co-operative developer COOP de Construction.

Yvan Cormier, Managing Director, gives us a complete testimonial on using the Happywait solution and its sales module.

By saving us time and making archiving more secure, digitalisation promotes a certain well-being at work.

We would like to thank the COOP de CONSTRUCTION teams for their trust, enjoy reading!

Happywait: How would you introduce yourself in just a few words?

Yvan Cormier: We are a co-operative property developer from Rennes.

For more than 70 years, our raison d’être has been to help as many people as possible get access to property, according to their income.

We have a very wide range of customers, including social housing, open market, investors and social landlords.

Our aim is to produce housing at the right price for as many people as possible.

Happywait: What is your relationship with digitalisation in new builds?

Yvan Cormier: Digitalisation has become essential element in our trade.

But the transformation is not always easy because our profession is very paper-intensive, with all kinds of written documents, plans, contracts, registered letters, etc., but employees understand the need.

Because all of this is very time-consuming, and increasingly difficult to do in a world that is speeding up, and where demands, particularly from customers, are increasingly pressing and urgent.

Digitalisation is therefore necessary and should enable us to free ourselves from our dependence on paper, from a commercial, technical and financial point of view.

By saving us time and making archiving more secure, digitalisation promotes a certain well-being at work.

It allows us to reduce the least interesting and rewarding tasks as much as possible, such as archiving, filing, document research, sending mail and registered letters.

But also, it will make it easier to sign contracts without having to wait for everyone to be physically present, to share the same file live…

We can free ourselves from distance and time.

Happywait: How would you describe your collaboration with Happywait?

Yvan Cormier: On each operation, for more than 10 years, we have set up a programme association called “Living together in…”.

It has multiple objectives: to create “living together” between the future residents of the same operation, but also to allow us to involve them in the progress of work by organising visits, meetings, and even to develop a joint project within the residence (shared gardens, common room, etc.).

The collaboration with Happywait started at the beginning of 2017, when we decided to implement a customer area which would allow us to keep in touch with them during the phase following the signing of the contract until the delivery of their home.

This service complements the “Living together in” associations mentioned above.

The aim was to develop the relationship initiated during the commercial phase with our customers, and to keep it alive throughout the duration of the work, right up to delivery.

To do this, it is necessary to be able to provide information without it becoming an additional constraint for the employees.

In this respect, the Happywait solution has been a real plus for us.

The step-by-step support provided by Happywait employees made it easy to roll out “COOP &amp Nous”, the name given to our digital customer area.

Today, the tool is in place and works well. Happywait is very reactive when malfunctions occur.

That’s why we turned to them when we wanted to digitalise our sales in 2018.

Happywait: You digitalised your sales: can you give us your feedback on the implementation and use of the system?

Yvan Cormier: The main problem we encountered was flow activation between the CRM and the Happywait solution.

Once this problem was solved, we were able to make our first sales.

The introduction of digital sales was a real revolution in our trade, like it was for notaries 2 or 3 years ago.

The system is working well, but I think that a few corrections still need to be made, particularly with regard to registered letters, so that our customers have a really smooth signing experience.

Signing remains an important moment for both the customer and the employee.

For one, it can be the purchase of a lifetime, for the other, it’s the culmination of their work. The employees have picked up the system, offering customers both ways, the digital and the paper version. The customer is free to choose.

In the short term, I think that digital signatures will become the norm, not only for reservation contracts, but also for service provider contracts (architects, design offices, etc.), works contracts or registered letters.

Happywait: What is the feedback from your customers on this new expertise?

Yvan Cormier: Reactions are diverse, some of them fully adhere to the system and keep only a paperless version, others, after the digital signature, wish to go back to a paper version. For some customers, the physical signature on a paper document is still preferred. But I think that this will gradually change, in view of what all notaries do today.

Happywait: We will leave you with the final word.

Yvan Cormier: For me, digitalisation should not mean the disappearance of the human element, but on the contrary, more of the human element in what is essential and which a machine can’t replace … for the moment at least.

Freed from certain restrictive tasks, this should allow us to devote more time to our customers, to our sites, to developing new operations and new products by thinking about what the housing of tomorrow could be like.