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Discover all the features of our solution

Increase the efficiency of your processes and your customer relationships.

Digitalisation of your processes

Stand out for your efficiency


Premium customer experience

Captivate your buyer relationship


A full range of customisable features

The Happywait solution has been designed to support you on a daily basis, both in managing administrative tasks and in improving the buying experience of your buyers.

To start with, choose one or several features from among the ten or so tools available. Test it, see how easy it is to use, then move onto the next level with new options!

Happywait adapts at your pace and to your needs, always with the same objective: to help you improve your processes and your brand image.

Dedicated messaging system

Centralise all your exchanges with your buyers

Measuring customer satisfaction

Measure how satisfied your buyers are at the end of each exchange

Photo gallery and news feed

Keeping in touch with your buyers has never been so easy!

Buyer modifications

Simplify the management and control of buyer modification requests!

Appointment management

Plan your events and appointments in just a few clicks!

Calls for funds

Simplify your calls for funds with the generation of your calls for settlement at the end of each stage by electronic submission!

Material selection

Digitalise the home personalisation process and let your customers select the materials from your digital catalogue!