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Simplification of processes

Get rid of what slows you down, focus on the essential

Gestion des flux entre les SI du promoteur immobilier

A single tool to support your customers in their buying journey

In the property development trade, monitoring files is often laborious. E-mails, registered letters, simple letters… you have to juggle between paper, telephone and digital to monitor your files!

What if you were to remove all the clutter from your business? With Happywait, no more time wasted searching for scattered information.

You use a single interface to manage your customer relations, by creating a buyer area for each file, in which you manage everything (sales documents, exchanges, material selection, calls for funds etc.).

The icing on the cake is that the tool relieves you of time-consuming tasks. The solution prepares and sends your sales documents for you.

It takes care of electronic signatures and cooling off period notifications. It even reminds you of past and future events in each of your files.

The result?

For each customer, time-consuming tasks are automated, items are filed, events are scheduled. You can monitor your files easily and shorten your processing times.

Administrative red tape disappears and your teams’ working time is optimised.

CSR and ecology

Take care of the environment and your teams

Improving the customer experience

Attract and retain your buyers by making them involved in their project