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Intuitive handling

Transform your working habits smoothly

Livre blanc

An optimised user journey, for your teams and your buyers

Going digital is good. But you still need to get your team and your customers on board with this transformation!

This is why the user experience (UX) designed by HAPPYWAIT was designed with one motto in mind: keep it simple, but not simplistic.

The solution considers the complexity of your business while offering intuitive handling and maximum ergonomics.
No need to be a digital native to get started! Thanks to the clear and playful presentation of the interface and the support of our Customer Success Manager teams, your sales management and marketing teams quickly learn to use the features, whatever their experience.
Better still, they enjoy using it!

And for your buyers? It’s the same thing: everything has been designed to guide them step by step and make their lives easier.

At the same time, we listen to all the feedback about user experience (UX) to provide you with a working tool which is as close as possible to your teams’ needs.

Improving the customer experience

Attract and retain your buyers by making them involved in their project

Customer support

Benefit from comprehensive and personalised support