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Improving the customer experience

Attract and retain your buyers by making them involved in their project

Mesure satisfaction client

Offer your buyers a unique, immersive and collaborative experience

Your customers want to be able to get to grips with their project, follow it, see it evolve. This is now possible!The experience starts as soon as the reservation contract is signed.

Your buyers instantly log on to their dedicated space using their login details and are immediately immersed in the heart of their property project.

They can follow the progress of the project in real time, are helped in their choices and can communicate easily with you.

Step by step, they are given reference points so that they feel listened to and supported in their buying journey.

Communication is fluid, simple and transparent.

Over time and through exchanges, trust is established and customer satisfaction increases.

You improve your reputation by making your customers your best ambassadors.

Simplification of processes

Get rid of what slows you down, focus on the essential

Intuitive handling

Ergonomics designed for an optimised user journey