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Co-construction with developers

Contribute to the continuous improvement of our solution

Co construction

Your user feedback is the key to making Happywait the management tool of your dreams

From the start, our teams have been committed to developing a tool that can be as useful as possible in your business as a property developer. That’s why we are so interested in your opinions and suggestions!

This ongoing dialogue has already proved its worth. Several of our modules have been created thanks to discussions with many professionals in the sector: material selection (Nacarat), Buyer modifications (TMA) (Néotoa, Proméo), Calls for funds (Opus, Cogeco), Appointment making (Nacarat, Proméo).

You too, challenge us! We will always be listening to you to try and build an ever more powerful version of the tool with you and for you.

For all types of developers

Carry out all your property operations easily, whatever your activity

Information security

Work with total peace of mind, your data is protected!