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Make your life easier in all aspects of property development

Gestion des flux entre les SI du promoteur immobilier

Invaluable assistance at every stage of the sales process, in the interest of all those involved

Property development is a demanding trade, combining interpersonal skills and legal formalities. Do you find that the days are too short? That rigorous processes leave you too little time to take care of your buyers?

Then Happywait can help you restore balance and find the right pace!

Our solution is a real facilitator of the property developer’s trade and has been designed to support you through the entire sales process from A to Z, from signing the reservation contract to delivery of the property.

Better still: it has been designed to involve all participants in the key stages of your business! Partners, buyers, internal teams… all those involved enjoy a new buying or working experience, one that is both efficient and enjoyable.

Are you still not sure? Don’t worry: Happywait adapts to your business, and not the other way around. Modular and easy to pick up, the tool quickly finds its place in your organisation, as you carry out all your new build operations.

Happywait has enabled us to develop and make our customer relationships a success. The tool designed with Happywait brings our traditional building business into the digital world for greater proximity to our customers. Happywait has been able to listen to our specific needs and develop a tailor-made, user-friendly and simple product.

Jean-Marc Trihan

President of Lamotte Group

Simplification of processes

Get rid of what slows you down, focus on the essential

Improving the customer experience

Attract and retain your buyers by making them involved in their project

Intuitive handling

Ergonomics designed for an optimised user journey

Customer support

Benefit from comprehensive and personalised support

A bespoke suite

Adapt the Happywait solution to your needs

Happywait ecosystem

Our solution interfaces with your existing digital tools to put together your optimum digital ecosystem

For all types of developers

Carry out all your property operations easily, whatever your activity

Co-construction with developers

Contribute to the continuous improvement of our solution

Information security

Work with total peace of mind, your data is protected!

CSR and ecology

Take care of the environment and your teams