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Photo gallery and news feed

Share project progress with your buyers

Suivi chantier

Delight your customers by telling them about the progress of the project

A property purchase is always a life project! Your buyers expect to be informed and reassured!

The Happywait solution allows you to meet this expectation in a smooth and welcoming way.

The news feed is a wall of dialogue with your buyers. You can easily share all the useful information: news about your company, news about the site, key dates, invitations to site visits and monitoring of payment deadlines.

The photo gallery allows you to upload photographs of the site in real time.

Even remotely, your buyers have the pleasure of seeing their project come to life!

How has going paperless changed your customer relationship?

“We no longer hear from buyers saying that we don’t keep them informed about their building site! Every week, I upload photos and posts to each buyer’s dedicated area. All documents are centralised and that really facilitates communication. I've noticed that there are far fewer calls from buyers since going paperless.”

Laura Bilheux - Sales Assistant

Procivis Ouest Immobilier

“Paper seems so far away now! I have excellent buyer feedback about going paperless. In particular, the shared messaging system allows better traceability of exchanges that buyers have with our employees.”

Julia Nivan - Sales Rep

Le Logis Breton

Measuring customer satisfaction

Measure how satisfied your buyers are at the end of each exchange

Dedicated messaging system

Centralise all your exchanges with your buyers