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Send by Electronic Registered Letter

Make your cooling off period notifications (SRU Law) at a lower cost

Notification lettre recommandée electronique

Notify your reservation contracts in one click

Are you ready to notify your buyers with a countersigned reservation contract?

With Happywait, no more wasting time filling in a registered letter slip or going to the post office. The notification is done immediately by electronic means, at a much more reasonable price.

Better still, you no longer need to set up a notification tracking system!

Your sales management team validates the aim of the notification, Happywait takes care of the rest

The notification request is redirected to the AR 24 website (confirmation of receipt) which allows you to send registered letters with a confirmation of receipt online in a fast and secure way.
Your buyers receive an email from AR 24 in your name.
All they have to do is authenticate themselves to acknowledge receipt of the notification.

Happywait informs you when the cooling off period is over

With electronic registered letters, the 10-day cooling off period established by the SRU Law runs from the day after it is sent.
Has the time expired? Your team members who are involved receive a notification from the platform.

The file can then be sent to the notary in just a few clicks. It’s that simple!

Notification VEFA avec AR24

Benefits of the Happywait solution

Legal reliability

Notification by Electronic Registered Letter (LRE) has the same legal value as that of a Registered Letter with Confirmation of Receipt (LRAR), provided that you use the services of a service provider that meets the requirements of the European “eIDAS” regulation. This is the case of AR 24, the first eIDAS-certified electronic registered letter service in France.

Send to your buyers’ inbox

Simply fill in your recipient’s email address. They will receive your LRE directly in their email inbox. They can access it wherever they are, without having to go anywhere.

Send paper version

Do conditions not allow you to send an Electronic Registered Letter? Happywait can automatically send a registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

Electronic signature for VEFA sales file

Choose electronic signatures and save time during your face-to-face and remote sales meetings

Buyer modifications (TMA)

Simplify the management and control of buyer modification requests!