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Material selection

Guide your buyers with a customisation process

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Material selection: guide your buyers with a digital catalogue

Make choices easier for your buyers with a digital catalogue

Your buyers are all looking forward to the customisation of their home. In practice, however, it is not always easy for them to find their way around!

Selecting materials and colours, feasibility, additional costs… your buyers can quickly get lost, and validations can be slow in coming!

Happywait makes customisation easier, allowing you to create a digital version of your catalogue of materials.

You can build up your own digital database, which can be modified at any time.
This gives your buyers access to the options on offer, whether or not they have to be paid for.
They can see exactly what is feasible and what is not and are immediately informed of any additional costs.
They can choose from home, in complete peace of mind, within the time frame you define.

On your side, you control material selection on all your files via your dashboard: follow-up of ongoing requests, reminders for latecomers, validation of selection.

Has a customer chose a paying option requiring an additional quote? The “electronic signature” feature allows you to obtain the customer’s agreement in just a few clicks.

Calls for funds

Simplify your calls for funds with the generation of your calls for settlement at the end of each stage by electronic submission!

Buyer modifications

Simplify the management and control of buyer modification requests!