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Electronic signature

Have your reservation contracts signed easily and remotely

Get your contracts signed in just a few clicks

Once your reservation contract has been published in a consolidated digital version, forget about printing several copies and the time wasted in preparing a postal letter!

You send the contract to the buyers who have reserved the property via the Happywait platform, no paper, no postal charges. Just a few clicks are enough for the buyers to sign electronically, from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Has the contract been signed? You immediately receive an email notification, and you can countersign the contract.

Preparation, travel and waiting times are eliminated. Your contracts are signed as soon as possible. You increase efficiency and provide your buyers with a comfortable experience.

Yousign, the electronic signature solution chosen by Happywait

To guarantee ease of use and security, Happywait integrates the electronic signature solution developed by Yousign. Created in 2013, this partner company meets the requirements of the European regulation and is eIDAS certified. The solution allows you to enjoy and offer a smooth and fast signature experience, even for the most complex sales documents.

Mobilise your team in real time and increase follow-up 

Electronic signatures make the relationship with your buyers smoother, but not just that!

With its notification system, Happywait enables each participant to be alerted of the signature of a contract relating to them. Your team can see the status of all files at any time.
Everyone knows what they have to do and who is doing what.

Communication improves and files progress.


Security is our priority

Legal security for your sales contracts

As stipulated in the French Civil Code, an electronic signature has the same value as a handwritten signature. The only condition? Use a reliable identification process, such as the one used in the Yousign solution chosen by Happywait.

Securing your data

All data in your sales documents is protected. Not only at the time of signing, but also during the entire period of online storage.

Your conformity certificates

Do you need proof of conformity for an administrative procedure or for a buyer? We provide you with the necessary certificates or send them directly to your purchase customers.

Generation of sales documents

Automate and speed up the drafting of your reservation contracts

Send sales documents by LRE

Reduce your postal costs by sending your signed sales files by electronic registered letter (AR24)