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Buyer modifications (TMA)

Manage your buyers’ modifications with ease

Gestion des TMA
Manage buyer modifications from the dedicated customer area

Control deadlines through smoother exchanges

Does a customer want to remove a partition, move a cupboard or replace tiles with another floor covering?

These requests are common but can quickly turn into a headache if information isn’t circulated properly between the buyer, the architect and your teams.
The Happywait solution provides the parties involved with the opportunity to manage exchanges in a smoother and quicker way.

Your buyers send their modification requests directly from their buyer area.

You receive them immediately and can send a quote in return.

Your customers are notified in real time.

They can validate the quote by electronic signature immediately, without unnecessary back and forth.

Material selection

Digitalise the home personalisation process and let your customers select the materials from your digital catalogue!

Appointment management

Plan your events and appointments in just a few clicks!