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Marie Levet, Business Developer

Marie Levet - Business Developer

I introduce you to Happywait and explain why it is the right solution for you 

Are you a property developer? Are you marketing commercial or office units under the VEFA process?

If so, I might get in contact with you, to introduce you to Happywait in a face-to-face or remote meeting.

Here’s how it works:

  • I ask you questions to understand the specific features of your business and your needs
  • I adapt my presentation accordingly
  •  I give you concrete elements that will allow you to imagine using the platform

However, don’t think that my job is just to sell you a tool! Together, we also discuss how your teams, and your organisation works.

I therefore help you to rethink your methods (sales management, customer service, sales department etc.) to save time and achieve greater profitability in your business.

What I like at Happywait

For me, each sales meeting is the chance to provide a concrete and comprehensive solution to the difficulties your teams face on a daily basis (time lost on thankless tasks, communication problems with buyers etc.)

I am therefore delighted when a prospect tells me they have been won over by the solution, but even more so when my customers tell me that the tool has effectively solved their problems.

The icing on the cake is that by delivering feedback from my customers, I contribute to the platform’s improvement. I also see the platform developing thanks to the responsiveness of the technical support, which is very motivating!


Ambitious and persistent, I like to surpass myself and see things through to the end.