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Lucie Regeard, Customer Success Manager

Lucie Regeard - Customer Success Manager

I help you get the best out of Happywait, with 100% personalised support

My job can be summed up in a single sentence: to be there for you, at every stage of the sales digitalisation process with Happywait!

At the beginning, I will help set up the sales digitalisation module, taking into account your specific expectations and needs.

During the set up and getting familiar with the module, you can count on me to train your sales team and sales management: generating sales documents, electronic signatures or Electronic Registered Letter notifications are no secret to me!
Together, we’ll review everything that can save you time and provide you with the best user experience.

But our relationship doesn’t stop there! I am available, at any time, to answer all your questions with one key word: proximity!

What motivates me in my job

I like the variety of my tasks, but more than anything, it’s the customer satisfaction that drives me.

It’s a real pleasure for me to feel useful when your teams tell me that everyday life has truly become easier!

My expertise

I make every effort to build personalised support for each of the customers I help.

My secret to achieving this?
My smile! I think you’ll hear it even over the phone.