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Property developers,

Digitalise your sales processes and boost your customer experience

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Digitalisation of your processes


Premium customer experience


Make life easier at every stage of the VEFA sale

Digitalisation of the reservation file

Save time with automatic contract editing, remote signin...

Save time with automatic contract editing, remote signing and electronic registered letters.


Enrich the customer journey

Delight your buyers with an immersive buying experience ...

Delight your buyers with an immersive buying experience and simple scheduling of exchanges.


Management of calls for funds

Manage your calls for funds with a dashboard

Manage your calls for funds with a dashboard


Material selection and buyer modifications (TMA)

Guide your buyers in the customisation of their property...

Guide your buyers in the customisation of their property and manage modifications more smoothly

Digitalisation dossier reservation
“I manage between 5 and 15 files per month, from preparing the contract to signing. By making my buyer relationships paperless, I get rid of the whole administrative part. This represents a considerable time saving, around 1.5-2 hours per file, i.e. between 7.5 and 30 hours per month.”

Alban Delourme

REI Habitat/Sales Director

Prise de rendez-vous pour les livraisons et TMA
At Edifiz customer satisfaction is our priority. The Happywait platform meets our expectations perfectly. Our customers are private individuals but also managers of artisanal businesses, which is why we allow them to follow the progress of the work in real time, with photos, videos and concrete information, it is essential to optimise their own organisation and their future installation. In terms of image, it is important for us to provide a forward-looking solution for our customers.
Mathurin Ballay

Mathurin Ballay

EDIFIZ - Manager

Appels de fonds
The proximity and flexibility of the Happywait team are essential factors for working together on upcoming developments and particularly on the Call for Funds module: this allows us to express our needs and discuss possible features and therefore to benefit from a perfectly adapted tool!

Mathilde Goutille

COGECO - Sales & Marketing

choix matériaux tma
“This is the module we use the most today, allowing our buyers to select their materials online. This feature is essential for us, since 75% of our buyers are investors who, due to lack of time or geographical distance, are forced to make their choices remotely.”

Émilie Caillard

KERMARREC - Account Manager

It’s up to you to choose your features!

Happywait is a suite of customisable features. Start at your own pace. See how easy it is… then adopt new tools as you need them, to constantly improve your processes and your brand image.

Dedicated messaging system

Centralise all your exchanges with your buyers

Photo gallery and news feed

Keeping in touch with your buyers has never been so easy!

Material selection

Digitalise the home personalisation process and let your customers select the materials from your digital catalogue!

Buyer modifications

Simplify the management and control of buyer modification requests!

Appointment management

Plan your events and appointments in just a few clicks!

Measuring customer satisfaction

Measure how satisfied your buyers are at the end of each exchange

A solution built with property developers, for property developers

Happywait exists first and foremost so that you have a tool that is 100% adapted to your business in property development. To do this, we asked people in your profession to design the features.
We continue to do so, by integrating user feedback into the solution’s developments. Whatever the specific features of your business, we take them into consideration by customising the platform. We then develop it with you, according to your needs.

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A software suite designed to integrate into your existing digital ecosystem

Do you already have digital tools to organise your business? Happywait interfaces with your information system (Business ERP, PRM/CRM). You keep the ecosystem that you have put in place, while complementing it.

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For all types of property operations and projects

Happywait can be adapted to all commercial activities in new builds. You can therefore adopt it whatever your operations (marketing of apartments, shops, offices etc.) and the volume of your sales.

Kermarrec promotion

Kermarrec Group

Online material selection is essential to us as 75% of our buyers are investors who are forced to make their choices remotely.
Groupe SGE


By adopting the Happywait solution, our sales process has been optimised and we have also divided our processing time by four.


We digitalised our VEFA sales in 24 hours thanks to Happywait’s mobilisation

Customer support to help you get the most out of Happywait

Our team will support you in the deployment of the tool, ensuring it is adapted to your specific needs.
Do you have a question? Or an additional need?
Our support team knows how to be reactive in order to provide the answers and solutions that you expect.

Suport client réactif et performant

Our team that supports you: